Reservations - terms of service

1./ We are able to accept reservations made in person or in writing. We can guarantee the reservation only upon receipt of the advance payment, or upon receipt of the signed copy of the contract, sent back to us. A 20% deposit is due at the time of the reservation, unless otherwise specified. The rest is due upon arrival at the beginning of the occupancy.

2./ Cancellations are accepted in person or in writing. If a guest cancels his or her reservation 60 days before the beginning of the stay, the service provider will return the deposit, decreased by administration costs (3 percent of the gross price, but at least 200 Ft). If the cancellation occurs less than 60 days before the start date, the deposit will not be refunded.

3./ In case of an early interruption of the vacation, a prorated amount corresponding to the nights left unspent minus the cost of three additional nights will be refunded to the guest.

4./ If before the start of the trip a change occurs in the services offered, the service provider will let the guest know immediately:
the guest is not obliged to accept the changes and may choose another room. If there is no other acceptable room, and the guest desists, the reservation becomes void:
the service provider will be obliged to refund the entire deposit. In case of faulty performance the service provider will strive to find an agreement to compensate the guest, to the extent of the amount of the deposit. The guest can not have any further compensation claims beyond that.

5./ The service provider will hand over the room(s) cleaned in a state fit to appropriate use. In case of any equipment failure the service provider will take immediate steps for their repair.

6./ The guest is obliged to compensate for any damage caused by him or her before leaving.

7./ Unless otherwise agreed, the guest may start using his or her accomodation from 3 pm on the day of his or her announced arrival.