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Paint artist Zoltán Rajczi was born in 1960 in Siófok. He started his studies in fine arts and drawing in a free school in Budapest. His first master was the sculptor Károly Kirschmayer. Since 1978 he has been a regular guest of the artist colony in Keszthely. At that time he organized joint exhibitions with his fellow artists. He completed his degree in Geography and Drawing in 1985 at the Teachers' Training College in Nyíregyháza. Here he studied the mysteries of painting and graphics under the direction of the painters Árpád Bényi and Zoltán Valkovics. Following his studies he settled in Szeged, but he never tore himself away from the topics of his home region, the surroundings of the lake Balaton. He has been offering regular exhibitions since 1990. He was on study trips in Italy and France. He is a member of several artist colonies and galleries of Hungary, where his paintings are permanently on display and available for purchase. His portraits, drawn with a firm hand are to be found in several countries of Europe.

"Zoltán Rajczi's painted world possesses a moving displaying force, his pictures reveal excellent knowledge of the craft, he expresses any emotional side of nature and of the human environment with quite sensible handling of the paintbrush. He projects the mood of the disappearing microcosm of the Hungarian Plains with extraordinary self-giving and great detail, and sensitizes the viewer to the elegy of passing. An extreme emotional force emanates from the reflecting water surfaces, the reeds shivering in the frost, the bulrushes surrounding the pools, the abundant world of autumn colors. The pictures radiate standard setting taste, harmony, commitment to nature and to a human environment embedded into it. The paintings duly deserve the attention of the public."

Tamás Várnagy aesthete

Persönliche Ausstellungen:
· 1993 Heemskerk (The Nederlands);
· 1994 Nieuwe Niedorp (Belgium);
· 1995 Szeged, Balatonszemes, Balassagyarmat;
· 1996 Balatonlelle, Szeged, Balassagyarmat;
· 1997 Balatonlelle, Kiskunmajsa, Kisk?rös, Szeged;
· 1998 Balatonszemes.

Austellungen in Gruppen:
· 1979 és 1980 Budapest;
· 1985 Nyíregyháza;
· 1988 Szeged;
· 1996 Mindszent.

· die Stipendium von Tisza Volán Rt. - 1993,1994

Ksztette: Pll Csaba